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Create A Targeted Audience

Discover how to use social media to create a massively highly targeted audience thats not only knows you but likes you and trusts you. 

Build A Valuable And Creative Skill

Discover how to build a creative skill thats valuable to your desired customer or prospect.   

Monetize Your Skill And Your Audience

Help you discover how to monetize you skill and your audience to get paid to travel the world.

For creatives at the beginning of their journey.

If you're just starting out and never used social media or even picked up a camera in your life. Is If you have always wanted to do something creative and get paid to create content and travel the world.


For People already with a platform but want to learn to monetize.

If you have spent a ton of time creating and cultivating you audience and your craft and art. But you are struggling to monetize your audience and get more brand deals and get to the next level you know you deserve.

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Who Are We?

Im Jay Jones a 26-year-old Luxury Content Creator, entrepreneur and world traveler, based in Seattle, US. After dropping out of college at 21, I grew multiple millions of followers on social and traveled to over 35+ Countries co-founded @Exoticluxurymedia, CXT & PFG then began to teach others to do the same. In 2019, we created Platform Generator  helping thousands of Entrepreneur's and Creative's build their platform to follow their passion.

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Who Are We?

Im Qirra, 23 entrepreneur and creative director. I majored in creative marketing and branding in Marbella Spain at and got hooked on travel. In the last 4 years i've combined my passion for travel, branding and photography into over a million+ collective following on instagram.

Jay and I created @ExoticLuxuryMedia to showcase the worlds best luxury experiences. To date we've traveled to over 30 different countries and worked with hundreds of boutiques, fortune 500's and independent businesses internationally. 

I now teach other creatives and entrepreneurs how they can leverage the power of social media to showcase their own skills and travel the world under their own personal brand.

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Who is this for?


If you have never used a camera  but dream of picking it up and building a full-time career out of shooting photos and videos, this is for you.


If you have been creating content but aren’t growing an audience, are struggling to land paying clients, and overall are just not getting the results you deserve, this is for you.


If you’re fed up with the 9-5 lifestyle and know there’s so much more to life than doing work you don’t love, this is for you

Have You Watched Our Training?


See what videos are inside Platform Generator!

In this module you will learn exactly why and how to attract a highly targeted, highly receptive audience that is not only drawn to who you are but loyal to you opinion, advise and products. 

In this module we lay the foundation of your entire platform. Meaning you set up all your pages to perfection with our easy plug and play templates. We pull back the curtain on all the pesky algorithms so that ALL your pages, website, feeds and emails all get favored above the competitions.

In this module you will learn not only the fundamentals of your camera, both iPhone and DSLRs, but we teach you how to edit with Lightroom Classic and Photoshop. We also go into detail on creating for instagram specifically and we unveil or viral media formula so that you're always on the explore/suggested page. Learn how to plan your shoots, props and outfits to use and how to pose.

In Acceleration we pour gasoline on the fire and start implementing growth hacks both paid and organic. Learn exactly how to talk your audience in a way that resonates deeply and calls them to follow you. Learn every trick, hack and method (both black hat and white hat). Master explosive growth like never before on and off platform.

This is the krewe de gras, the final piece every one else online cant figure out. Learn exactly how to not only get paid for you hotel collaborations, negotiating deals, and brand deals but learn how to set up your own shop to sell presets, LUTs, prints and your own physical and digital products. Use our tried and tested sales scripts, shop templates and emails to nail the close on any business. Go from a part time hobbyist to a full time professional or just use it all as another income stream

Access to our members-only, Platform Generator Facebook group to give you a built in audience for your Social to boost your views and engagement and help you connect and collaborate with your fellow creatives around the world. Plus you also get weekly live Q&As with Gil,  Jay and Qirra so you can get your questions answered in real time.

Platfrom Generator 

Our 5 Step Proprietary Process to create a personal brand on and off social and monetize it. Collaborate and get paid by brands by create stunning content and traveling the world completely free!

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  • All 5 Modules ( Step by Step)
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  • Weekly live QA's 
  • Full Scripts, Templates, Media Kits for Brand Collabs
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  • All 5 Modules ( Step by Step)
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 1 on 1 Live Support
  • Weekly live QA's 
  • Full Scripts, Templates, Media Kits for Brand Collabs
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